World Spinal Column Society


The World Spinal Column Society (WScS) is a fast-growing society. Its mission is to advance spine care worldwide by connecting spine surgeons in advanced and emerging nations through high quality education, training, and collaborative activities. WScS is also an educational and scientific forum for the advancement of knowledge in the field of spine surgery, for the education of the patients, the clinicians and the researchers. Our mission is to advance the science, art and practice of spine surgery and promulgate the maintenance of professional standards in order to provide the best professional care to patients with spinal problems. The WScS holds meetings, conferences, live surgery and cadaver courses to provide sharing platforms for clinical and research members. We are proud of growing the number of members and participants to our meetings, and invite you to work together with us to achieve the best in spine health care.
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Board of Directors
President: Salman Sharif, Pakistan
Vice President: Lilyana Angelov, USA
Treasurer: Sandeep Vaishya, India
Secretary: Paulo Pereira, Portugal
Joint Secretary: Joachim Oertel, Germany
Immediate Past President: Ioannis Polythodorakis, Greece
Past Presidents:
Sait Naderi, Turkey
Abdelfattah Saoud, Egypt
Mehmet Zileli, Turkey
Luis Pimenta, Brazil
Founding President: Edward C. Benzel, USA
Atul Goel, India
Amjad Shad, UK
Douglas Orr, USA
Gregory Trost, USA
Hyeun Sung Kim, Korea
Michael Steinmetz, USA
Nikolay Peev, UK
Rully Hanafi Dahlan, Indonesia
Vasilis Lykomitros, Greece
Ziya Gokaslan, USA