Welcome Message

Vassilis Lykomitros
WS9 Chairman
We are delighted to welcome participants from all around the globe to World Spine 9, the ninth World Congress of Spine Surgery, in Athens-Greece.
The idea of hosting a combined spinal meeting between the World Spinal Column Society and the Hellenic Spine Society, as a representative of all the Balkan region, originates from the need for lifelong learning and interactive education on spine pathology and surgery.
The program of this meeting is multi-thematic and emphasis is given on controversial issues in spinal surgery as well as on new aspects such as tissue engineering and spinal technology advances. This unique collaborative meeting between spinal specialists from around the world will give an exceptional opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences.
We are certain that this three-day program will provide new insights that you can apply to your practice as we will review the latest in spine surgery techniques and research, discuss our most complicated cases and debate clinical and surgical problems.
It is our honor and pleasure to welcome you all to the World Spine 9 & 15th Annual Congress of the Hellenic Spine Society & 45th Scoliosis Symposium “N. Giannestras – P. Smyrnis”  to the city of Athens, the historical Capital of Science and Philosophy, hoping that you will enjoy your visit through its unique culture, picturesque sights and traditional gastronomy.
Salman Sharif
WScS President
It is my pleasure to welcome all participants to World Spine 9, the ninth World Congress of Spine Surgery, in Athens, Greece.
The organizing committee of the congress is also happy to announce Greece as the host nation of World Spine 9. This brings us great memories of one of the most successful WS meetings in the past. Following the successful eighth congress, WS8 in 2018 in Portugal, we are looking forward to meeting a higher number of colleagues from all medical specialties involving spine surgery from around the world.
World Spine 9 will cover all the topics of spine surgery, such as MIS, endoscopy, motion preservation, stabilization, degenerative, tumor, deformity surgery, innovative and emerging technologies, biologics, and basic science related to spine surgery.
Spine surgery has been evolving with new physical, technological, and quantitative methods emerging to support medicine. In our field, there is continuous change and during recent years, we have witnessed even more rapid advancements in many areas, which calls for further reassessment of our professional development and education. It is the responsibility of spine surgeons to update knowledge and improve hands on expertise.
Our conference city Athens, Greece has a rich history from ancient times right up to these modern days. We would like you to enjoy our scientific program and the beautiful historic city of Athens.
I would like to express my thanks to Hellenic Spine Society and to their President Vassilis Lykomitros for hosting the event, and for choosing the excellent venue at the modern and well accessible Grand Hyatt.