To enter the congress areas it is mandatory to scan your personalized QR code (sent by the secretariat). In order to attend the sessions, you are required to select your desired sessions from the congress app.

Please see below a quick guide to download and use the congress app and your personalized QR code.


Please download the congress application on your mobile from this link: Let's Congress

  • Enter the app
  • You have received from the secretariat an automated e-mail with your personal QR code
  • Open the app from your mobile
  • You are now within the app


Utilities of the app


To enter the lectures hall

• Scan QR: from the homepage of the app select PERSONAL
• Select Show my QR
• You can scan it at the entrance to the lectures hall
• Your time is being monitored, for the certificate of attendance
• The QR needs to be scanned upon entering and exiting the lectures hall (to correctly monitor your participation times for the certificate of attendance)


Access to the course program and evaluation

• From the homepage select PROGRAM
• Select the hall (PARTHENON for the Neurosurgical Congress / CYCLADES for the Nurses Meeting)
• Select the date
• You can see the detailed daily program
• You can also complete the evaluation through a similar selection on the homepage


Select the desired session (this is required so you can enter the lectures hall)

• From the homepage select PERSONAL
• You can see all available sessions in bold (you can see the meeting room, start and end times of each session). Full sessions will appear inactive
• Select the session you wish to attend, simply by clicking on the check box on the left
• Click the BACK button to exit the select session page
• If you change your mind, or are unable to attend a session, you can return to the select session page and click on the check box on the left
• Booking a seat for your desired session applies only if you are physically present. In case of over 10 minute delays from the start of the session, your seat will be made available to another attendant.