These prizes are awarded to the top two ranked competitors of the Annual Written Examination, which is organized by the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society. The prize is 1.000 € for each of the winners and is intended to sponsor their participation in one of the EANS scientific events.


  1. Candidates must not be over 38 years old
  2. Candidates may be residents in a nationally recognized Neurosurgery residency program
  3. Candidates may be young specialists (up to 5 years after being Board certified) practicing in Greece

The competition takes place during the annual congress, and includes a multiple-choice written exam, in Greek language. The exam is organized by the Scientific Committee of the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society, under the guidance and supervision of Associate Professor Nicolas Foroglou. The winners will be announced during the closing session of the congress, by the President of the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society. Applications can be submitted to the conference secretariat until the 30th of April 2021 at 18:00 local time.



This prize is awarded to the best oral presentation of a clinical study or clinical research, presented during the annual congress by a Neurosurgery Resident or young specialist (younger than 45 years).

The award will be given after deliberation of the designated award committee, which will comprise Mr. Konstantinos Vlachos (President of the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society), Mr Moschos Fratzoglou (Secretary of the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society), and Mr. Konstantinos Fountas (Award Sponsor).



Two (2) awards will be given to the best presentations: first for the best oral presentation, and second for the best e-poster. Both will be selected from the Scientific Committee of the Congress. The awards will be announced during the closing session of the congress.



To the 2 champions of attendance based exclusively on on-site attendance, 2 top ranked neurosurgical books from Thieme will be delivered during the closing ceremony. This is a chance for participants to profit the maximum of their attendance. Every minute counts. The prize is delivered in memory of our young colleague G. Balabanis.



A new award is introduced this year. The prize is 2.000 € and will be awarded to the lead researcher of an award-winning original abstract, so that he/she can attend an EANS workshop.